Answer 3 Questions Instructions Below
1. Training Program Design
For this assignment, recommend a training design for the program you are developing. In a 3 page paper, complete the following with at least 3 references.
• Review the topic and objectives you developed in the Training Needs Analysis you completed in Unit 3. (Sexual Harassment at the Workplace)
• Identify the appropriate trainer for your program.
o Will you use an internal employee or an external vendor?
o Why is your proposed trainer the best fit?
• Identify methods for transfer of training.
o How will the trainees acquire new information? Provide details for your instructional strategy. For example, will they see a video or listen to a lecture?
o Why did you choose this method?
• Describe how the trainees will practice what they have learned. Provide specific examples for how this will take place.
• Identify how the trainees will get feedback on their practice. Be specific as to how they will receive direct and individual feedback.
• Develop a brief lesson plan for this program. Use the sample lesson plan provided in the Resources for guidance.

2. What Could Go Wrong?
We have all had training experiences that we would rather forget. Have you ever:
• Had someone blow off your questions saying, “It’s easy. You will figure it out,” when, unfortunately, you did not “figure it out”?
• Been waited on by someone wearing a “trainee” badge who struggled to assist you while there was no trainer in sight?
• Attended a training program in which you could not read the slides or hear the presenter?
• Been trained by an expert who went so fast you could not ask any questions along the way?
Describe your worst training experience and then discuss what you think are the three most significant issues that would make training ineffective or a bad experience for the trainee. Describe why you think these are the biggest problems. What could you do to correct these issues in a training program? ½
page with at least one reference.

3. Return on Investment
The chart in Figure 6.3 on page 261 in the Noe text shows that reaction is the most commonly used method of evaluating a training program, and ROI is the least commonly used. However, it would seem that organizations would have more interest in ROI than in reaction. Based on your experiences with training programs you have attended (or even university courses you have taken) why do you think this occurs? Discuss an example of how a program you have participated in was evaluated and how this evaluation might have been improved. Use sources as appropriate. ? ½ page with at least one reference.