I have attached a pdf of the reading so that you can have a responce and answer the questions below are the question to respond to 1.) From page 170, write out one sentence which shows that Munsterberg’s film theory extends from principles of gestalt psychology. 2.)On page 173, Munsterberg refers to an “inner world” and an “outer world.” What do these terms refer to? 3.)On page 172, Munsterberg compares the way the mind creates meaning with the way films create meaning. Which sentence communicates this? 4.)From pages 178-180, cite a sentence in which Munsterberg implicitly refers to the mind as an active organ. 5.)On pages 173, 174, and 183, Munsterberg compares film to theater. Cite and explain a sentence in which Munsterberg reveals his belief that film is superior to theater. 6.)On pages 180-181, Munsterberg outlines a definition of film art. These are films that can replicate mental processes. Cite one sentence (or 2 adjacent sentences) and write an additional one sentence explanation in your own words of what Munsterberg is trying to say. 7.)Why would Munsterberg have loved the Google Earth scene from Lion? What connections would Munsterberg have drawn between his theory of film and this scene? (copy the URL to see the scene) https://youtu.be/gFfXdXTxduw