PLEASE USE THE RESOURCES INCLUDED You are the community affairs officer in your department (real or imagined). You are going to make a presentation to your governing body (Commission, Council, or other group) about a new program dealing with vulnerable or special populations that you will initiate at the beginning of your next budget year. The program will be a budgeted item; it will require funding. Your presentation will not require you to discuss the actual funding; you will need to persuade the group to accept your proposal. To help set the stage, picture yourself making this presentation in a budget hearing. A list of resources is attached; you may need to copy and paste the address into your browser. We would encourage you to review the material before you design your presentation. Pick one topic to focus on and build your presentation around that topic. In other words, we do not expect you to include Alzheimers, Autism, and Homelessness all in the same program. If you decide on another project which is tied to a special population please email us for consent prior to beginning. You may include in your presentation written material (in the form of a Word document); PowerPoint slides or other material which is going to influence the governing body to adopt and fund your project. This is, again, a persuasive presentation. In a real presentation the reviewers would ask you about the needs in the community, your research, your goals, the steps you intend to take to achieve those goals and how you will measure success. You may also include supporting materials of your own design (such as outreach materials or brochures for the community). This is 2020; if you choose to submit PowerPoint slides it would be interesting to include any social media postings you may include in your program. This is also a project about being good marketers; you are selling your program to a group that makes decisions. Many of you are in positions of responsibility in your agencies; others of you are aspiring to reach those roles. If you work in an agency that has existing materials you may include those; if you dont work for an agency you may use materials that you find in your research. We would not be surprised if you are tasked to complete a similar project at some point in your career. There is no required length for a Word Document or number of PowerPoint slides; you will be graded on your ability to present a program while demonstrating a Masters level proficiency. Persuasion is not always measured by the number of words; it is measured by how effective you are in presenting your ideas. Resources: