Pick a movie from the list and review it Each movie review should contain the following paragraphs After the title of the movie you are reviewing, make sure to tell me the day and time that you watched the movie, and if you saw it in the theater, streamed it or watched it on DVD or VHS Paragraph one: The name of the movie The year it came out Who stared in the movie?, who was the director ? Did the movie win any awards if so what? Paragraph two: Give a brief synopsis of the movie paragraph three: What historical time period or event is the movie depicting Describe the real history of the event or time period that the movie depictedParagraph four: How well does the movie depict the historical event or time period Are the characters in the movie based on real people or are they fictional characters, or are some real and others are not? Why do you think the director and the writers made that the choice to depict real or fictional characters? Was the movie historically accurate? Paragraph five: What questions or observations do you have about the historical period or event that was depicted in the movie? So if this movie was the only source for somebody on the historical event(s) that the movie is about, would the movie be a good historical source? Why or why not? If the movie is not a good historical source, how could it be a better historical source, what would you do differently or change about the movie to make it a better historical source? Paragraph six: Conclude the movie review Did the movie leave any questions unanswered?