A 8 paged essay where each page has a different question to be answered with a different PDF.

Collins, Ch. 9
What lessons can we draw from the “Cadaver Synod” about the state of the church in the late 9th century?

Reilly, sources on the crusade
To what degree did Urban II’s speech reflect and re-assert the ideals for the papacy embodied in the Donation of Constantine?

Ullman, Papal Bureaucracy
the question needs to be answered:Which model of political organization did the Papal bureaucracy more resemble, the system of the old Roman Empire (Empire, Senate, etc), or that of the feudal system (King, lords, etc)?

Saint Bernard, Considerations
To what degree does St. Bernard regard the legal activities of the Curia as a departure from the original mission of the Church?

Sources on the Jubilee
To what degree does Bonivace VIII’s decree on the Jubilee conform with the ideas of the Reform Papacy, as epitomized by Hilderbrand and the associated popes?

Erasmus, In Praise of Folly
Based on this reading, what flaws in the character of man are most responsible for the fact that religious and secular authorities are not living up to the obligations of their offices?

page seven:On the basis of this chapter, which mattered more to the Church’s reaction to the growing Fascist threat: Church doctrine, or the personality of the ruling Pope?

NPR, Cardinal Law and American Catholics
To what degree did the sex abuse scandal in the Boston Archdiocese lead to a fundamental change in the trajectory of the American catholic community?