Please follow this plan to analyze the financial and economical conditions of Japan for a cosmetic company to export in JAPAN

1. Presentation of the central bank of Japan
Policy objectives of the Central bank: monetary policy achieve price stability, Interest rate, Bank regulations, Central’s bank operations
Autonomy of the Central bank (identify to what extent central bank have conflicts with government)
Influencing money market and capital market

2. Presentation of current monetary policy in Japan
Objectives of monetary policy: establishing business cycle, reasonable price stability, faster economy growth and exchange rate stability
GDP, Indicator of Monetary policy, one measure of growth
Monetary policy influences Interest rates
How currency regimes they may affect monetary policies
Monetary policy directly influences economic activity through money supply in Japan
Monetary policy indirectly influences economic activity through interest rates in Japan

3. Current fiscal policies

4. Expected inflation rates in Japan

5. Trade barriers and policies in Japan
Analyze strengths and weaknesses of a company exporting cosmetics in Japan

6. How Coronavirus’ situation influenced the behavior of the Central bank in Japan?