Are we ever not doing gender? From the moment we wake up until we go to bed, it seems like we are constantly doing gender.Do not describe your whole day, but rather, choose some small segment (a strip) of your daily life to describe. During that small segment of your day, in what ways are you doing gender? How are you displaying your gendered identity?This is Sociology essay and my professor wants us to write the essay from our perspective on the subject. this is what the professor said: “We are interested in your perspective on these issues. But it must be your “informed” opinion/perspective. What does that mean? Show us that you are thoughtfully engaging with the course material, above all else.” the paper is being submitted on turnitin so it must not be copied from anywhere and quotes must be sited. I uploaded my lecture notes and the writing assistance file contains the information about how they grades our essays and it should follow those introductions. Instructor suggestion on essay format: I think the best approach moving forward would be to make sure you have a single, clear, sociological (ie non-obvious) conclusion that you’re trying to get across. Start with it in your intro paragraph and come back to it in your concluding paragraph to really hammer it home. If you then do a good job of organizing the body of your essay around that single message, your argument should still be understandable even if you have occasional slips in grammar or word choice. As it is, it feels scattered, which makes it more difficult to follow your argument.All the resources have been attached. Writing Assistance contains the writing tips and the screenshot has the grading rubric for the essay. I also added the lecture notes for the week and the essay should use some of the points mentioned in the lecture notes that relate to the topic. I have lost points in my past essays since the essay because of not referencing anything from the lectures topics. These are the comments I got from the previous essay: “Demonstrates weak understanding of course material from the weeks readings and/or lectures.”, and Demonstrates some engagement with the weekly prompt. Major points are somewhat clear and partially supported.”.