watch the video of Virginia (Sierra) Bear, read the National Indian Education’s perspective of important history and issues facing educators working in the realm of Indian education (circa 2008) and the US Department of Education’s history of Indian Education, then review the scholarly document on critical issues of well-being facing Native people specifically. After reviewing all three sources, students should begin their essay’s opening paragraph with a statement linking all three sources, either a theme, concept, or fact they all had in common. Students may also use any data from the US Department of Education website. Then, the student’s thesis should state why understanding diabetes, educational challenges specific to American Indians, and self-concept are all of primary importance for the well-being of Native people. The thesis statement should be something along the lines of this example. However, many deviations are possible. I don’t mind if students who are still formulating their organizational writing skills use this without documentation. Consider an “open source exercise prompt”: Contemporary leaders in Indian Country should understand how and why diabetes, depression, substance abuse, and educational issues have unique challenges and solutions for Native people. After the thesis, the short essay should evolve in three parts: Part 1: The student should address the history of diabetes among Native people. Within the paragraph about diabetes, students should document through research whether or not Native people are genetically pre-disposed to diabetes. Additionally, students should document the impact of sugar on diabetes and overall health. Finally, the paragraph on diabetes should also document the use of sugar in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and how that, in turn, impacts both diabetes and also leads to the other health concerns. Part 2: The student should address an educational issue with which they have some experience which could have been interpreted differently had any of the parties involved known more about specific issues related to American Indian education. Students do not have name people nor even specific schools, just a summary of the experience. Then, the student should apply any aspect of American Indian education legislation or educational theory to that situation which would have provided a different outcome. Part 3: This section should address the issues raised in the scholarly document read for this assignment regarding alcoholism and depression among American Indians and Alaska Natives. First students should address the stereotype of alcohol in Indian Country through any type of research, and/or some historical context for alcohol’s introduction to Native people and under what circumstances. Students should also provide a reference that disproves the stereotype that Native Americans are genetically pre-disposed to not being able to handle alcohol the same as non-Indians. Secondly, students should document any they can determine between a person’s self-image/self-concept and depression, and by extension any connections between historical and contemporary social trauma and thoughts of suicide and/or self-abuse. Students unaware of recent studies on historical trauma being part of one’s DNA should read this article. The last section of the essay should just re-state the thesis in broad or summary terms and then offer some recommendations further study or action.