Part C: Self and peer assessment exercise, including individual reflective statement. This is based on your team-based consultancy project and your own and your team’s learning, skills, participation and contribution to the task and the team development processes. You will consider enquiry- and/or problem-based learning and team-based working in relation to professional skills and competence for future studies (Level 6) and future work (you may relate this to professional standards and competences). As well as the group review class exercises, you are asked to identify a critical incident that has occurred during your team task that you can useful describe, analyse and reflect on to show your learning and practical/ application. You will provide a record of evidence (appendices) may include, for example: a record of attendance and participation (particularly in team activities), project planning evidence for your organisation project/case study and for your digital presentation.

You should include a brief critical review of the importance of inquiry-based learning and reflective practice, including implications for learning and development for future development and career options. You are encouraged to write this reflective report using the personal pronoun ‘I’ to encourage ownership of your learning.

For all tasks, you are expected to provide a range of current relevant academic sources to support your work.