Part 1: Locate and Analyze Resources
• Locate, read, and evaluate one scholarly, peer-reviewed article that describes, from an academic perspective, research exploring the value of teaching language through content- area instruction in a bilingual or ESOL classroom. This article will focus on the content- area you have selected. Articles may be found in journals such as The Journal of Language, Identity, and Education; The International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, and many other journals. You will need to ensure that the material you select is scholarly and peer-reviewed.
• Locate, read, and evaluate one multimodal and/or practice-oriented resource geared toward teachers that offers appropriate and authentic advice or examples for teaching language through content-area instruction in a bilingual or ESOL classroom. This resource may be found on websites such as Scholastic, Colorín Colorado, Teaching Tolerance, or Rethinking Schools. It may also be a multimodal resource such as a podcast, a segment of a documentary, or even collection of resources on a museum website. You will need to ensure that the resource you select is specific to the content area.
Pedagogical note: You are being asked to identify two distinct types of resources because one of the resources will help you understand how the topic is being discussed from the academic perspective and one will help you understand how the topic is discussed from a more accessible, mainstream perspective.

Part II: Write & Share the Report
• Write the report: You will share the findings of your research through a 2-page report in which you summarize the findings of your research. In this report you will summarize the research and described findings and suggested strategies in the scholarly article and the implications of the multimodal and/or practice-oriented resource. It is very important that you put information into your own words- this is an synthesis, not just a regurgitation of information meaning you should steer clear of overly-lengthy direct quotes or summaries of research methodologies and theories. Instead, focus on what you’re taking away from each resource and what you think would be most beneficial for your colleagues when they teach this content area to emergent bilinguals. Finally, in this report, you will also

Report on Effective Content-Area Instruction ECEL 527
describe what you learned in the process of doing this research and what you hope to implement in your own instruction moving forward. This report should be double-spaced and contain three full pages of text and a citation list in APA 6th edition format.
Suggested Report Outline: If you would like, you are welcome to use the following outline when crafting your report.
• Introduction
• Synthesis of major ideas, implications, and pedagogical strategies garnered from the
scholarly resource
• Synthesis of major ideas, implications, and pedagogical strategies garnered from the
multimodal and/or practice-oriented resource
• Reflection on what you learned & what you hope colleagues will consider in their
• Conclusion

Text used for class- Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners – The SIOP Model- (Echevarria, J., Vogt, M. E., & Short, D. J. (2017). Making content comprehensible for English learners: the Siop model. Boston: Pearson.)