Write a research paper about Laurie Anderson, during 2005 – present .

The choreographer Twyla Tharp (2003) advocates an “archeological” approach to understanding the work of
artists and performers by closely examining their personal and artistic development across a career.i We will be
following Tharp’s advice for our research projects. I have identified several people with significant, long and
influential careers in performance across a number of genres: 1) Laurie Anderson; 2) David Bowie; 3) Bill T.
Jones; and 4) Isabella Rosellini. We will be looking at these artists’ aesthetic performance work as well as their
public performances of themselves.

I. A background and overview of the artist based on research you did (be sure to refer to and properly cite
books by/about artist as well print and video interviews, etc.)
II. A description of how the artist’s performance functions as constitutive, epistemic, and/or critical during
the period you researched
III. An in-depth analysis of one or more specific performances by the artist (aesthetic and/or personal) to
support the above claims. Use other terms and concepts from class as appropriate.