My major is Communication. This assignment looks like the combination of the communication and sociology. All specific requirement is in the word document. Please, read the doc carefully. I am currently doing my dissertation. The secondary research ( introduction + Literature Review) has been done.Read my secondary research first and help me finish my Methodology. The reference should be in Harvard format .Please cite research theories or templet in methodology section. The key words in my dissertation is about Chinese social influencers aesthetics and influence, the goal is to investigate how influencers’ aesthetics impact their audiences, which means how influencers use their aesthetics (aesthetically pleasing content) on social media to attract followers, to gain their popularity.And then how to monetize their popularity through build their own brand. I took the qualitative research by doing interview with 6 people who are deep users of Chinese social media. Write a case study to analyze influencers’ aesthetics ( How influencers penetrating their aesthetics through social media?)Basically, the case study is a social media page analysis, about their visual/verbal styles, (how they formed their own social styles through sending posts?)