Research Proposal ) Topic social and political upheavals in southern Africa between 1800 and 1850 The proposal should define your research question (what you intend to do), and what you intend to discuss (how you will do it), and with which sources. Write a research proposal to also discuss possible issues in finding sources or issues you foresee in research and writing on this topic. The proposal should include a list of working sources (a minimum of five scholarly sources are required for this assignment). What is the structure of a research proposal? This first section is not only about stating your specific topic, but also rather a literature review where you briefly discuss important scholars/developments in the field. The second section will discuss the types of journal articles/books you intend to use. You should demonstrate why the scholars you are using are important. The third section is equally important, as it sets the scope for your paper. You will discuss what you will NOT do. Which texts/topics/methods might the reader assume you may get to, but will not, due to page length restraints? Which concepts will you deal with and which ones will you exclude, for the sake of focus/clarity/scope/feasibility? Sometimes establishing what you WONT be doing assists you to create a clear roadmap for what you do intend to achieve. Last, do provide a working bibliography. It need not be annotated, but if you believe it would help to get this portion of the next step done now, do so.