Course name: ENGLISH 201- Introduction to Literature
This is gonna be a analyze paper to the novel, Siddhartha (attached).
Please select ANY TWO of Siddhartha’s most important ‘teachers’: they could be: Kamala, Kamaswami, Gotama, Govinda, Vasudeva the ferryman, Siddhartha’s son, or the river in the novel. Any two, and write a thesis-driven essay of approximately 200-300 words in which you analyze, describe and discuss how EACH OF THESE TWO ‘TEACHERS’ IMPACTED/ CHANGED Siddhartha, for better or worse! Mention how Siddhartha looked and/or dressed, what his FOCUS or goals were while with the ‘teacher’, how this lifestyle affected his happiness or well-being, any important REALIZATION/S, and, ultimately, why Siddhartha decided to LEAVE — if he left!