“Before the Flood” For this assignment, you will watch the film “Before the Flood,” starring Leonardo Di Caprio. If you drink Pepsi and/or eat potato chips then you have to see this, you have to see what is going on with the Sumatran Rainforest. Below is the YouTube hosted video of this film. After watching this film, and by Thursday night, make a post and share your thoughts on three things that really got your attention. Then by Sunday night, comment on at least 3 of your classmate’s posts. In addition, you will also post a picture using Google Maps. You will use Google Maps to take a picture of the devastation in the Sumatra Rainforest caused by oil palm plantations. Our love for potato chips and just about anything fried has resulted in the collapse of one of the 3 world’s largest and most diverse rainforests. We only have two left and they are not fairing as well. Go ahead, since you are in Google Maps, take a look at the other rainforests.