There is a huge impact of coronavirus on pharmaceutical industry, specifically on clinical trials. There are many examples include:
• COVID-19 affect the economy in general and impact the economic situation of the sponsor of the clinical trial (e.g., pharmaceutical company). So, the sponsor may need to cut the budget spending on clinical trials.
• Difficulty of recruiting patients for clinical trials (i.e., clinical trials that are not related to COVID-19).
o It became even more difficult to recruit rare disease patients during pandemic COVID-19 situation. Before COVID-19, a solution to recruit patients for rare disease clinical trials was increasing the number of clinical sites to enhance the speed of recruitment and increase the number of patients with rare disease. Now, COVID-19 is pandemic!
o Lockdown in many countries make it difficult for patients to go to the clinical sites
• Fear of patients to come to the clinical site because they do not want to be infected with COVID. In case if the clinical site is a hospital, so the priority will be to treat patients infected with COVID-19.
• Fear of other members responsible for the trials to get infected by COVID and the desire of working from distant.
• COVID-19 may affect the patient included in the trial and hence that will affect the results of the clinical trial. For example, if the clinical trial related to cardiology and the patient infected with COVID, the virus will affect the results.

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