1. Choose a topic and an audience. This should be very specific, since you only have a short time. (ie how to count carbs for parents of children with diabetes, or an overview of a soft food diet for a caregiver of someone who had a stroke). 2. Select your 1-2 learning objectives. What do you want individuals to know when they finish your presentation. 3. Fill out attached template including your lesson plan. You will be giving a 5 minute presentation, so don′t expect to fit in too much. Briefly detail what you will do in your presentation. This should be specific enough that if you had planned this and you were out sick, a colleague with the same knowledge as you could pick up the lesson plan and give the presentation. 4. Choose what handout/ visual you will use. Do you want to use a powerpoint? Is that appropriate for your audience? Is there a good handout already made by a reputable source on this topic you can use? Is there a demo/ visual aid you want to use that will enhance the presentation? 5. Turn in template and be prepared to give your presentation in class on 5/5. If you aren′t able to attend that day, please record yourself giving a presentation and send me the video (you can record in powerpoints).