1. Look up Adam Smith; the Scottish Philosopher Write a short paper (a few hundred words) What is your understanding of the invisible hand. APA REFERENCE STYLE AN D IN-TEXT CITATIONS REQUIRED! 2.There are two Items here put answers on same page to save space Before you read chapter 2 Write down what type of market system we have in the US. Write down what type of market system China has. Read Chapter 2 Write down 3 points from the chapter that you feel are most important (the book is called McConnell, C. R. & Brue, S. L. (2017) Microeconomics Principles, problems and policies. 21st ed. McGraw-Hill, Irwin.) If you can get access to do part 2 of the work great if not do the best you can and if I can Ill update pages from text… 3. Review questions Economics, answer each one as detailed as possible. The page will be attached in a file with the questions it will say QUIZ etc. 4. Read through the discussion questions in the attached file. Follow the instructions. Be prepared to discuss. The page with the questions will be attached in a file and will say something like chapter 2 questions etc.