One way for teachers to support families is to try to understand what it would be like to raise a child with a disability. Imagine yourself as the parent in one of the three scenarios below: Scenario 1: Learning Disability: Your eight-year-old child was recently evaluated for a learning disability. This is your first child and you had no anxiety about his development until his new third-grade teacher voiced her concern about his difficulty with reading. Soon the results of the evaluation come back, and you are informed that your child has a learning disability in reading. In addition, the school states that it would like to evaluate him further for attention deficit disorder. Scenario 2 Developmental Milestones: Your 14-month-old daughter is not meeting the expected developmental milestones. Her pediatrician evaluates her based on your concerns and refers you to an orthopedic specialist, who diagnoses your daughter with cerebral palsy. You are told that this condition will likely affect her mobility skills, language development, and, possibly, cognitive abilities. Scenario 3 Communication and Self-Injurious Behavior: Recently, your two-year-old son has stopped communicating and has begun exhibiting some self-injurious behaviors (e.g., biting himself, banging his head into things). Watching the TV talkshow one afternoon, you hear a guest describe the characteristics of young children who have autism. You recognize the same characteristics in your son and call your pediatrician to schedule a visit. Your fears are confirmed after this visit and subsequent visits with specialists for assessments. Select one of the scenarios above, indicate which scenario you selected and reflect on the following questions by responding thoughtfully. Be as specific as possible. You must, at least once, reference something that you learned about RTI from the textbook chapter. You can do this by making a statement such as, As stated by Dr. Harper on page 10 of the textbook . . . You must BOLD where the references sentences are in your responses. Copy and paste the questions below on a Word document and submit AS A WORD DOCUMENT. Write the bolded name of the scenario you selected (Example: Scenario 2 Developmental Milestones) What sense of loss might you experience? How do you think your life might change? What would you want teachers to do to help you and your child? Now put on your teacher hat. Specifically, how might empathize with the parent with a child with disabilities make you change how you might interact with them as their childs teacher.