You need to think of a scientific question that does not have a definitive answer related to COVID-19. Youll need to come up with a hypothesis, and carefully read the scientific literature in order to compare studies. I would like for you to create a PowerPoint presentation (30 minutes if you were to present the slides to the class). You should have a minimum of 30 slides, but no more than 60 slides. You will need to include your references and properly cite your sources and images used throughout your presentation. I will post these presentations for the class to see. The slides are due not later than 5/5. Please use the following site for any COVID-19 related numbers Use google scholar or PubMed to find novel Covid-19 papers. Much of this new data is open access. This means you should be able to read it. However, should you find a paper your interested in and cannot download, please email me and I will try to download the article for you. You may choose any aspect of COVID-19 research for this topic. Some examples below (include but not limited to) o How the virus has impacted different countries and explain why Choose two countries to compare and contrast You will need to evaluate two primary research articles and clearly state: o A research question and hypothesis o The biological rationale that leads you to your hypothesis o Examples of uncertainty in the literature o The basis for comparison among studies you chose o The reputation of the scientific journal you selected